Dancing with Dharma

Dancing with Dharma is a short movie directed by Sukanya-Devika Jhala, shooted in London. I have designed the costume of … More

Zero waste pattern research

          Starting from a rectangle… slit, fold, overlap.     For this skirt, two symetrical shapes have been cut … More


            “Juvenoïa” is a collection designed for the “eternal child”, this postmodern man whose Michel … More


         L’Arrache coeur has been written in 1953 by Boris Vian a french writer, poet who belonged … More

Costume assistant-NCCA

I worked as a costume assistant for the National Center for Circus Arts in London on the FD2 Ensemble show, … More

Steven Tai SS19

I worked at Steventai studio as a studio assistant intern for the SS19. I worked with the pattern cutter for … More


Cities put us in a perpetual flow: making us feel that we might be moving all the time, never stopping. … More