“Juvenoïa” is a collection designed for the “eternal child”, this postmodern man whose Michel Maffesoli* portrays. A human being caught between his obligation to be an adult and his innocence that he does not want to lose. So how does this postmodern human being’s body behave, how does it move between its responsibilities and its innocence? Each cloth of the collection has two temporalities, two states. The first one accompanies straight and serious postures, the ones that society asks us to adopt in adult places; the second one, when the garment opens, allows the body to undo its verticality, to stretch, to deform itself. That’s why it looks like a festive garment.



















The clothes would be made out of cotton poplin. This rather rigid fabric corresponds to the seriousness of the body’s posture, while the interior fabrics have a certain elasticity to contradict this first state of the garment. Snap buttons are used to facilitate the opening and the transition to the second state.