Cities put us in a perpetual flow: making us feel that we might be moving all the time, never stopping. Every body takes up this fast pace.
With this project I explore the garment as the closest « object » ables to modify the body moves. It took part of my master degree research that revolved around a questioning on our urban rhythms.
How could the garment propose a different rhythm to the body ? A rhythm as a slow-down, a « setback ». These garments have been designed to react to the natural rhythm of the wind. The drape of these garments don’t react to the walk of the wearer any more, but to the air rushing in the lining. Using the wind as an unexpected event, these garments take another form, of lightness, and give another pace to the body.


Working with pleats give the possibility to the garment to expand and retract itself. Two fabrics are confronted: the neoprene refers to a straight silhouette while the Icarex (usually used in sports such as kite surf ) allows the garment to inflate like lungs inflating with breath.